I.C.P. Osa the new instrument of individual analysis of lacrimal layers that allow with a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition.
Possibility of researsch on the single layers: Lipid, Aqueous, Mucin .Thanks to ICP Osa is possible to identify the type of DED (Dry Eye Desease) and
determine which deficient layers can be treated with a specific treatment.Type your paragraph here.

Why „Tixel C“ ?
¡ Non-radiation technology – safer for retina
¡ Controlled direct surface heating by conduction
¡ Simultaneous heating and mechanical
compression directly on glands
¡ Precise small dimensions tip,
well defined locus heating
¡ Significantly reduced energy transfer compared
to IPL
¡ Sterile tip prevents cross contamination of
treated sites
¡ Superior and lower eye lids can be treated safely
¡ Quick (20 pulses, less than 1 minute per eye)

The Lucidis IOL demonstrates good safety profile, with an acceptably low complication rate. The uncorrected visual performances of this new optical design are inferior to those of other EDOF IOLs for distance-vision, but achieve better results in intermediate and near vision, with consistently near-normal contrast sensitivities. Interestingly, self-reported spectacle independence and subjective patient satisfaction are high for all distances.

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High level of performance and sophisticated solutions provide ophthalmologists with excellent treatment outcome .

DRY EYE Diagnosis.

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